Introduction to Evens

Equity of Opportunity overcoming the limitations of the existing financial system For more people, by Global Evens teams.

Innovative way to solve traditional financial system is to use blockchain technologies. The best example is Bitcoin, which is very hard to use in real life. What makes it so difficult is that it takes a long time to confirm a payment, and you need to pay higher transfer fees for quicker confirmations, even if it’s a small transaction. Add to that, the volatile market value of BTC, gives us plenty of reason to look for another way.

That's why we're using multi-layered Blockchain Technology. We use it to make immediate payments, handle large transactions, have lower fees and give us a more secure way to transfer & manage assets.

Why Evens Coin?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a new alternative to existing banking and other payment solutions.
Fees, transaction speed, access for everyone and centralization of current payment
and banking solutions are showing the most compelling advantages for this new wave of Blockchain based services.

Blockchain Platform

First is our Blockchain Platform to create your Tokens & run your ICOs

Blockchain Services

Second is our Payments APP based on blockchain services for asset trading.


Third is our API to operate your DApps on

Advantages 1

Real-Time Settlement Now Possible Globally

  • P2P Transaction Fee is 0
  • 1,790 TPS (Transactions Per Second)
  • Convenient payments with QR Code
  • NFC Patented Prepaid Payments Wallet
Advantages 2

Transparency of transactions

Evens is a blockchain technology that cannot be modified after confirmation,
all transactions are forever recorded on the Blockchain, and it cannot be hacked.

All transactions are transparent and open for public viewing
Advantages 3

Reward Systems & Coin Holders

After the launch of the Evens Coin Mainnet, a lot of business models will use our open api.
While we get a portion of the profit from their business models,
we will be sharing reward coins depends on profit results from business, then, Coin Holders can rewards.

Competitive Advantage


(A) Apply : The DApp Player uploads into to system their business plans, whitepapers, compensation plans, team members, and legal data for project progress so far

(B) Evaluation and approval from the user-elected Authentication Team : The team consists of elected blockchain, business, and law & regulation specialists. This team handles and approves applications based on provided data.

(C) DApp Evaluation Group : Evens DApp Evaluation Process consists of randomly selected token holders, random selected general portal user (KYC verified) and the elected Authentication Team.
Selected DApps get evaluated based on their project. If you receive more than 51% of the votes, you will be automatically selected for the next stage.
Applicants that get support of 51% or more from the voting pool will have their ICO Page automatically open for public viewing on Evens Community Pages. They can now get funded through the Evens Community Platform.

(D) Rewards : All participants involved in the Evaluation Process will get rewards based on each business transaction.

(E) Cashing in through the Trading Floor : The Reward Coin, Project Coin, Evens Coin and so on can be traded at the Evens Trading Floor. All of this is automated through smart contract.

Evens Wallet & How it Works

The cheapest and fast way for exchange money nationally is evens ecash.
Because we delete middle man and reduce maintenance fee by blockchain,
we can give best plan for clients and users who want to exchange currency.

We’ve completed our eCash private blockchain system, cryptocurrency and wallet
which connects all your assets. Based on this technology, Evens Coin will be the first
commercialized cryptocurrency that anyone can use easily anytime, anywhere.


How it works

1. Download App
2. Purchase* eCash by crypto, fiat, bank transfer, credit, P2P, etc
3. Exchange* eCash to the other nations ecash
4. Use eCash in destination country

*Each nation may have different regulations which allow, or disallow certain aspects of the ‘Purchase’ and ‘Exchange’ process.
All transactions are locked in blocks and can not be changed once generated.

This is verifiable in our Explorer    All transactions in their blocks

All business’ legal progressing

Why invest in Evens Coin?
  • Utility coin (Easy way to switch crypto to fiat money)
  • Convenient (Easy use payment tools at all retailers)
  • Easy to convert your assets to digital asset.
  • Future value
  • Make true value of technology in real life by blockchain.
  • Business applications are the future

Every Evens branch only operate within the regulatory and legal boundaries of its respective country. This way, we protect all participants and partners and contribute to each nation's blockchain business in a legal way.

  • Signing 10,000 MOUs at Thai Hotels.
  • China 350,000 retailers MOU (YOUA Groups)
  • IronFX MOU

ICO Status


Pre ICO Pricing Schedule

Private Sale : 15 Days

NOV 25 to DEC 9 [23:59:59 UTC]

  • $0.015 USD = 1 EVNS
  • ICO Website Participant Bonus 20%
  • $1.00 USD = 66.66666665 EVNS
  • Available for Sale: 840,000,000 EVNS
Pre Sale : 15 Days

DEC 10 to DEC 24 [23:59:59 UTC]

  • $0.02 USD = 1 EVNS
  • ICO Website Participant Bonus 15%
  • $1.00 USD = 50 EVNS
  • Available for Sale : 725,000,000 EVNS
General Sale : 12 Days

DEC 25 to JAN 05 [23:59:59 UTC]

  • $0.025 USD = 1 EVNS
  • ICO Website Participant Bonus 10%
  • $1.00 USD = 40 EVNS
  • Available for Sale: 580,000,000 EVNS

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